Best Adveture in Cebu: Canyoonering in Alegria to Kawasan Falls, Badian - Prices and Guide

Best Adveture in Cebu today: Canyoonering in Kanalob River in Alegria to Kawasan Falls, Badian - Prices and Guides of the trip.

Canyoneering in Cebu is one of the most popular to try specially for those adventure-seekers. There were thousands of people who tried canyoneering in Kanlaob river and thousands of people wanted to try. What makes this trip cool and different is that you will be having fun and at the same time a challenge. You can conquer your fear of heights and in water. You can also enjoy walking and trekking for an hour.

Plan for a trip to Kanlaob river and have fun but before you go to Alegria, you have to contact for a tour guide and ask for a package price for your convenience. Below is the price list of a package tour of Canyoneering at Kanlaob river  in Alegria to Kawasan falls in Badian, Cebu, Philippines. The canyoneering will lasts for 3-4 hours.

Prices: (May vary depending on the number of person)

Package price includes VEST, Helmet, Habal-habal Fare, Entrance Fee and Guide

The price is 1500 Pesos each person. But price may change depending on how many are you in the trip. Just Contact the number and have some negotiation.

Contact #: 09420691931 (SMART / SUN)

You can also negotiate with the tour guide if they offer packages with free LUNCH and SNACK.
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Lugsangan Peak: Chocolate Hills in Dalaguete, Cebu - Trip and Guide Photos

September 8, 2017
Lugsangan Peak is now called as Chocolate Hills located in Dalaguete, Cebu. There are now hundreds of tourists trying to reach the peak because of its extravagant views.

Isa na itong hot spot sa Cebu and tourists can now go without fees.

Sa ngayon is walang entrance fee sa Lugsangan Peak bastat wag lang sirain ang nasa bundok.

Lugsangan Peak. Giisip ang Lugsangan Peak nga nahimutang sa Barangay Tabon, lungsod sa Dalaguete nga maoy Chocolate Hills sa lalawigan sa Sugbo. (hulagway ni Alan Tangcawan)

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Laura Lehmanm won Miss World Philippines 2017 - Full List of Winners

The results are in for the Miss World Philippines pageant! The coronation night was held Sunday, September 3, 2017 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Laura Lehmann won the title of Miss World Philippines 2017. She was crowned by outgoing Miss World Philippines 2016 Catriona Grey and by Miss World 2016 Stephanie del Valle.

Laura will represent the Philippines at the Miss World competition to be held in Sanya, China on November 18.

Winwyn Marquez, meanwhile, won the title of Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2017. She will represent the country in Bolivia.

Cynthia Thomalla took the title of Miss Eco Philippines, while Sophia Senoron was crowned as Miss Multinational Philippines.

Here is the full list of winners announced that evening:

Miss World Philippines: #15 Laura Lehmann
Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas: #9 Winwyn Marquez
Miss Eco Philippines: #32 Cynthia Thomalla
Miss Multinational Philippines: #35 Sophia Senoron
1st Princess: #3 Glyssa Leian Perez
2nd Princess: #24 Zara Carbonell

Top 10

#24 Zara Carbonell
#35 Sophia Senoron
#9 Winwyn Marquez
#32 Cynthia Thomalla
#3 Glyssa Leian Perez
#28 Shiela Reyes
#6 Jona Sweett
#15 Laura Lehmann
#14 Cristina Marie Coloma
#26 Janela Cuaton

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Yakimix Buffet Restaurant - Smokeless Grill and Lot More

Yakimix Buffet Restaurant could be your best solution for your crave. This is one of the most popular buffet restaurant in town aside from Vikings.

It is a japanese restaurant that offers large variety of menus including their very own Sushi. They also have a smokeless grill where you can cook your favorite dish like fish, beef, pork, duck and chicken.

Aside from Japanese foods, Yakimix also offers Filipino dishes like pinakbet, tinulang baka and more.

They have 2 branches in Cebu (Capitol Site and SM Seaside).

How much will it cost if you want to eat at Yakimix?
699 Pesos for Dinner.
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Breaking: Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake hit Leyte, Cebu, Visayas on July 6, 2017

Updates: Powerful magnitude 6.5 earthquake shook Leyte and Cebu, Visayas on July 6, 2017. It lasts several seconds.

The earthquake was felt by thousands of people. Building occupants immediately went outside the building. No reports of injuries and damages.

#EarthquakePH #EarthquakeLeyte
Earthquake Information No. 2
Date and Time: 06 July 2017 - 04:03 PM
Magnitude = 6.5
Depth = 002 kilometers
Location = 11.16°N, 124.71°E - 008 km S 67° W of Jaro (Leyte)

Reported Intensities:
Intensity V - Tacloban City; Palo, Leyte; Cebu City
Intensity IV - Tolosa, Leyte; Sagay City, Negros Occidental; Burgos, Surigao del Norte
Intensity III - Bogo City, Cebu; Calatrava, Negros Occidental
Intensity II - Libjo, San Jose, Cagdianao, Dinagat Islands
Intensity I - Roxas City; La Carlota City; Neg. Occ.
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Adventure at Cancalanog and Cambais Water Falls in Alegria Cebu - Tours and Guides

 Alegria is a home of many wonders like waterfalls and canyoneering adventure. One of the latest trends and hot spots are the Cancalanog falls and the Cambais waterfalls.

If you are eager for another adventure and you want to chase another waterfalls, then these Cancalanog and Cambais waterfalls will complete and satisfy your cravings.

A pictures here prove how beautiful and fantastic Cancalanog and Cambais waterfalls are.
How to get there?
There are two options to visit these falls. First is to have a tour guide or an operator which will make you feel more comfortable. The price will range from 800-1000 Pesos depending on how many are you in the tour. The package includes vest, habal-habal fee, entrance fee and a tour guide. It's up to you what kind of options you choose. Second is the "self-service" style wherein you will be the one to get there, hire a habal-habal motorcycle and pay the entrance fee, rent a vest (optional).

Contact Numbers for your guides
SUN: 09420691931

Enjoy your adventure.
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Take a Look at these Beautiful Photos of Tourists Spots in Bantayan Island, Cebu

May 4, 2017

The beauty of Cebu will never fade because it will always gives us new fantastic tourists spots. This time we will show you the beauty of Bantayan Island, Cebu. Take a look inside the one of the best islands to visit in the Philippines.

Bantayan Island will not just offer you beaches but also cave, old structures like fort, churches, adventures and more. If your planning for a summer getaway, then you must include Bantayan Island inyour list.

These are some of the photos we gather as we take a tour inside Bantayan Island, Cebu.

We've been in these three popular municipalities (Sta. Fe, Bantayan Proper and Madridejos)..

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New Adventure at Kabutongan Falls in Looc, Ginatilan, Cebu with Trekking and Caving to try

April 1, 2017

A new discovered place which adventurers must try, the Kabutongan falls. Kabutongan fall is located at Looc, Ginatila, Cebu. The adventure includes trekking, caving and diving in the falls. Think of the another excitement and maybe you will conquer your fears if you try this adventure.

I know there are hundreds of extreme adventure lovers here and we would like to promote another tourists spot here in our very own CEBU.

Please be a responsible citizens and don't destroy nature. Don't throw your waste anywhere and be careful always.

The cold water will surely relax your muscles and having great advetures and excitement will complete your day.

Entrance Fee: 40 pesos
Life Jacket: 40 Pesos
Tour Guide: Just a Tip (depende ninyo pila inyo ihatag)

How can we get there?
From South Bus Terminal, you can ride a Ceres or Sunrays Bus going to Ginatilan.
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Taste the Best Frappes and Milkshakes at Lakwatsa Cafe

For those who are Frappes and milkshakes lovers, Lakwatsa cafe will offer you the best of it. Located at Lawaan 1, Talisay City, Cebu, Lakwatsa is the new place to relax and rest specially for those who are tired from busy work or at school.

Lakwatsa cafe just newly opened last March 2017 and they've got lots of customers already. Their Frappes and milkshakes overload is the best to try because aside from tasty it is also very affordable.

Mga taga Cebu...
If gusto mo mosuway of Frappes why not try it at Lakwatsa cafe. You can also choose large variety of foods like nachos, fries and more. It can easily be found kay atbang lang siya sa My Bus Terminal of near sa MC Donalds sa Linao.

Though, their space is yet too small to accommodate many guests but they can offer you a comfortable seats.
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Strawberry Farm in Dalaguete, Cebu a new Tourist Spot in Town

March 20, 2017

Strawberry farm in Brgy. Maloray, Dalaguete, Cebu became a new tourist spot in Cebu. It was owned by Rebalde family with over 6,000 strawberry plants.

Located in the mountainous barangay of Maloray in the town of Dalaguete, the 1.5-hectare farm has over 6,000 strawberry plants planted inside green houses.

They opened the farm to the public last January and with a P50 entrance fee, visitors can enjoy taking photos and picking strawberries.

-source abscbn
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